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BEFORE: Stats Canada


  • reduced costs
  • easier access to detailed census information
  • common Census data source is used by all ministries
  • increased use and analysis of census information
  • greater cooperation across ministries
  • no incremental costs
  • reduced individual data purchases
  • data updates are available as released by StatCan
  • unlimited distribution and use of data within a ministry
  • models/tools/analysis using the data may be freely shared between ministries
  • reduced administration/maintenance of data
  • eliminate duplication of effort and expense




AFTER: Stats Canada


  1. Reduces costs
    • Eliminates incremental costs.
    • Reduces costs of data administration/maintenance.
    • Eliminates costly individual data purchases.
  2. Improves data quality
    • Provides easier access to detailed census information.
    • Supports use of models/tools for better data analysis.
    • Provides data updates faster (as soon as StatCan releases them).
  3. Improves data sharing
    • Supports unlimited sharing of data (both within a department and among departments).
    • Provides a common source for census data across all departments.
    • Supports greater cooperation across departments.