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True clear writing is a specialized discipline. It requires a special set of skills and writing experience that few organizations have in-house. The answer?

SimplyClear Editorial Services

Our clear language experts can write and/or edit your print and web projects. We use our SimplyClear model to transform your content into reader-friendly text. 

We design and structure information to help readers find key messages quickly and read more efficiently. We promote best practices from disciplines such as cognitive science, adult learning, literacy, usability and document design.

Since 1986, we've completed thousands of projects across the public and private sectors in Canada and the USA.

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How do you know it's clear?

Clear communication is:

  • easy to use and understand
  • concise and to the point
  • compelling and engaging
  • targeted at an appropriate grade leading level.


A client story

A government agency asked us to update its briefing note templates. The problem? Notes were too long and took too long to process. They overemphasized background information. And they mixed important analysis with description. Decision makers had to hunt down the relevant material, which slowed the decision-making process.

We created a new template that draws out key information and highlights recommendations. This, with our modern design, allows readers to quickly find the recommendations and understand the reasons. We then presented the new templates in a staff seminar and trained policy staff in writing clear briefing notes.

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What our clients say

"I just felt compelled to zip off a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the work you've done for us on this project!  We've had some less than memorable experiences with agencies in the past, so your work has been a total breath of fresh air!"

"I would definitely call upon Darlene again to support our efforts to communicate more clearly and effectively with the public. I would be happy to recommend her for a wide range of writing assignments, given her special talent for clear, effective communication."

"This is awesome...great job!"