Pension plan communications: How’s your fit?

It’s not one size fits all when it comes to helping people understand their pensions. What works for one employee, will not work well for the next. We have five generations in the workforce today, at different stages in their careers and in their lives, and their information needs can vary widely. Their communication preferences can as well.

From a clear writing point of view, effective communication starts with meeting your reader where they are. Here are just some of the options to consider when planning your pension communications:

  • Traditional print media, such as posters, booklets and hard-copy mail pieces
  • A video from an executive sponsor for the plan and another from employees on what they think about their pension plan — for posting on the company intranet
  • Periodic email/social media campaigns to keep employees abreast of updates to their plans – as well as an accompanying email to managers with a list of frequently asked questions about the changes so they can meet with their staff and clarify
  • A dedicated intranet site to support online enrolment with interactive tools – including learning and decision tool.

Using a mix of these tactics, you’ll be able to reach more of your employees where and when they can best appreciate the information. In every case, the key will be to use simple, everyday language to educate and inform. If your content isn’t clearly written, it won’t matter how you talk to your employees. They won’t be able to hear you.


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